Marrying Your Friends (Non-romantically)

I think we need to normalize the idea of marrying friends. I don’t mean in a “the best romantic relationships come from the best friendships” type way, though I do believe that’s true. I mean in a “I have zero romantic feelings for you, but I would totally spend the rest of my life committed… Continue reading Marrying Your Friends (Non-romantically)

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Corpse Pose Yoga Meditation: Health, Healing & Relaxation

Finding Stillness in Corpse Pose Try a deeper and more vigorous approach to your yoga. This does not mean that you should feel aggressive or violent in your practice, but try working hard enough–whether by focusing your intention, deepening the breath, or holding poses longer–to release tension in your body and give space for the… Continue reading Corpse Pose Yoga Meditation: Health, Healing & Relaxation

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Smiling Buddha Meditation: Happiness, Confidence

Benefits: Promotes joy, bliss and happiness. Balances and heals the Positive Mind. Gives you the confidence to face and overcome challenges. Gives you the energy to inspire and uplift others. Helps open the Third Eye and bestows intuition and insight. Develops mental focus and concentration. Smiling Buddha Meditation Practice Details: Sit with your legs crossed… Continue reading Smiling Buddha Meditation: Happiness, Confidence