My Life

First College Friends?

I moved in to my new cottage near campus because fuck dorms. I lived with Ashley who I’ve known forever and this random girl named Amber, I think.

We decided to go to the pool that night and hang out by the hot tub with our margaritas and other drinks. The hot tub was full of people.

I had on a yellow bikini with a pink and white striped cardigan over it. Some douche asked, “Are you Waldo’s wife?”

“No, I’m fucking Tom’s wife,”

The other group of people liked that come back and thought it was hilarious so I started talking to them. Colten, Addison and Austin. They were pretty cool and finally asked me, since I did have my ring on, if I was really married. I told them the whole story, they loved it and wanted to keep in touch.

We ended up all hanging out almost a week later. Where I met the rest of their little group, Jonny, Bertha, Tanner, Troy and Ryan. I loved them. They were the greatest.

And now I see them almost every other day.



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