My Life

Still Just Classes & Good Company

I’ve still been hanging out with Jonny, Addison, Troy, Tanner, Bertha, and Colten.

Most nights it’s just us drinking, smoking pot, complaining about classes and me complaining about Thomas.

This night, I got a little too drunk. Troy and I had been hanging out a lot lately and had been telling us about this song he wrote. So while we were all quiet and drinking, he played on his guitar and sang.

At the end, he said, “it’s about a girl in this room.” I looked around and said, “Bertha is Addison’s girlfriend, why would you write a song about her?”

I then realized two things:

  1. I was so drunk that I didn’t realize it was about me.
  2. I needed to puke and then realize it was about me.

So everyone came and sat in the bathroom with me while I threw up, passing a long the coke tray and the pot. Colten had some bongos, troy had a guitar, everyone was just having fun and I was too, even though I was throwing up. It was a giant music circle of drugs an booze in a bathroom while I puked blue liquor.

I slept over at Troy’s. I didn’t have sex with him. We just slept.


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