My Life

Winter Break

Thomas came to my cottage for Christmas. We fought the whole time. I had to work since I was a store manager so Christmas was busy. When we would fight, I would just go to one of my friend’s houses and luckily they’re always there.

Thomas didn’t want to go back to our parents homes for Christmas. So I took the dog and a bottle of champagne to the gym with me on Christmas. It was a lot of fun.

New Years, my friends and I got together. I left Thomas at the cottage. He’s too much a dick to bring anywhere since he poured out all my alcohol.

It was like normal, just all of us hanging out, drinking and playing music and dancing around like idiots in nice dresses even if it was less than ten of us.

Troy told us he’s leaving the city for a better job. I gave him a thousand kisses and realized he was what was keeping my marriage alive. I’m going to get a divorce.

Then we did coke in our fancy clothes.


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