My Life

Studying, Hockey, Babies?

When I’m not at Jonny’s house now, I’m studying with Naked Guy’s roommate. I just call him 44 because that’s what’s on his jersey.

Well, I guess 44 thought since Thomas and I were splitting up that me and him were going to be together now. I met his parents and that didn’t;t give me any warning signs at all. So he got all mad and went through my phone which had lots of spam texts saying “Anal” from my High School Ex, Pussy Chad. So, I went home, and he followed me there to continue yelling “anal” at me and throwing things at my house. It was a weird night and it would have been weirder if drugs were involved.

Also, Troy got his ex-girlfriend knocked up so I guess he’s going to be dad.

I’m never getting married again or having kids.



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