Club W

Ok, so I signed up for Club W with my roommate. It’s basically like Ipsy, Birchbox, or Dollar Shave Club but like for wine. I signed up to get 3 bottles of wine each month. This month I got Wonderful Wine, Cocomero and Chanchito.

Chanchito was a dark red wine for like BBQ’s and shit but I don’t eat BBQ for obvious reasons. It’s an earthy, Chilean wine. But I did drink it when my boyfriend’s friends came over. They l believe that I don’t like them but really I’m always sobering up when I see them so I decided that I would just be drunk when I saw them that day. It made it seem like I actually enjoyed their company so there’s the plus.

Wonder Wine was a white wine and it’s still in the fridge because my roommate drinks it through out the day when she’s not in class. It’s more of just a day time wine and and its white and I don’t really like white wine. I gave it to my roommate as her birthday present because I secretly forgot it’s her birthday.

Cocomero was my absolute favorite. It’s an Italian rose and it tasted like candy. I felt like I was drinking Sweettarts. I finished that off and then went to a frat party, where I slapped 103 frat boy asses.

So if you enjoy a good wine,sign up for Club W. They also have an app so you can order wine on the go. They also come with recipes to try with the wine but I didn’t try them because ew.



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