Bitchy Guide to Wearing All Black

A put together bitch almost never wears all black, but sometimes, just sometimes, there’s a tragic event in our life where we need to wear all black. Here’s the reasons and what to wear with the bitchy stares you’re giving that day.

You’re Running Late And You Don’t Have Time To Get Coffee: This is going to be a simple look since you’re running late and don’t have time. So go make sure your make up and hair is on point because that’s all you have time for. Your outfit is going to be made up of a simple black maxi dress and sandals. Don’t forget to wear an over-sized sun hat with black and gold earrings.

One Of Your Boyfriends Is Being A FuckBoy And You Have To Let Him Go: It was a good run with him and all but it’s time so you need something all black in case you run in to him today. It shows him that you’re mourning but you’re still fab af. Black booties with a black and white mini skirt, and black sweater. Gold watch with Midi Rings and a white hand knitted scarf.

Daddy’s Cutting You Off (Or Threatening To): You need to make sure that your dad knows you’re upset about this. So pout on that bitchy pouty face, text with one word sentences and post almost depressing things to facebook like that you’re considering dropping your sorority. Black beanie that says “Bad Hair Day,” bitchy winged eye liner, and yoga pants.

Seeing Family You Don’t Like/Still Have Alcohol Poisoning From The Night Before: Ignore them by wearing black, cat-eyed sunglasses and refuse to take them off. Wear a leather mini-dress with a black,crop fur coat.


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