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Wine Clubs

I’d like to thank the Egyptians for wine today. Or whoever invented wine. It’s a daily ritual in all of our lives whether it means the one glass you have at dinner or the wine hangover you have the next morning from drinking three bottles. 

Wine comes in many forms, glasses, bottles, red, white, and boxed. And it’s all delicious. But my favorite thing about wine is that there is wine clubs, and they’re the most amazing things on earth. 

There’s my number 1 favorite: Club W. And you get three or more amazing bottles of wine that is tailored to your taste. You get to try wines that you may have never even wanted to try but you drink it anyway or give it as a gift because the bottles are quite cute.  

Then there’s Vinebox. And it sends you three glasses of wine. They look like little test tubes filled with wine but I was thinking you could reuse the little bottles and stick them in your purse or bra when you go out.  



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