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Post Spring Break Depression

If you’ve been doing a shot of tequila before class each morning, wearing sunglasses in class and then taking an afternoon nap by your complex’s pool then you might have Post Spring Break Depression. Especially if you’re stalking beach pictures that you and your friends took over the break, and that’s ok. Here’s how to… Continue reading Post Spring Break Depression

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Your New Diet Friendly Drink 

Your new favorite fucking drink is here. It’s got 6% alcohol or whatever and it’s gluten free and low calories. Thank fucking God. It’s at Whole Foods, so go now before it’s too late. I was thinking though, you could definitely buy some more vodka and mix it together and it get so shitty. Fucking… Continue reading Your New Diet Friendly Drink 

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It’s Staying Casual. I’m Staying Single.

Taylor and I both agreed that we’d keep it casual and also se other people. We just like where we are. This sounds familiar. So I went on another date with this guy name Josh from one of my classes. He surprised me with chocolates and flowers. They were in the front seat of his… Continue reading It’s Staying Casual. I’m Staying Single.