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House Of Cards Drinking Game

We all love a good drinking game and since were in an election year and season 4 of House Of Cards is now ready to be played, I think it’s time we drink to that. You can drink because you’re sad about this whole Trump thing or you can drink because Frank Underwood.

  • Sip when there’s scenic shot of the White House or another historic American monument
  • Drink when Claire refers to Frank as “Francis”
  • Drink every time Frank breaks the fourth wall
  • Drink every time Frank does that weird knuckle tap thing on the table
  • Drink twice when someone cancels all of their appointments
  • Drink twice when someone talks about divorce
  • Drink twice every time you covet Claire’s outfit
  • Drink when Doug is sitting in his car, probably reminiscing on all of the people he’s killed
  • Take a shot if someone holds a meeting in a dimly-lit diner
  • Take a shot if Frank eats barbeque
  • Take a shot if someone is in underwear or naked for no real reason
  • Take a shot if a real-life news correspondent appears on TV talking about Frank Underwood as President
  • Waterfall for the duration of someone’s run or row
  • Finish your drink when a character you like just got killed

If you’re not drunk as shit by episode 2 and spoiling the show for all your friends on twitter then you’re doing it wrong.


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