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Exclusivity? In A Relationship?

Something that’s been bothering me at the moment is whether or not to consider someone your boyfriend or not.

Say, you’ve been seeing a guy for almost 5 months or so but there has been no real talk about being exclusive and whether or not you want to be exclusive.

One night, be over at his house and make him mad. Make sure he watches you leave. Basically ignore him for a week. Whenever he texts you reply short, when he asks what you’re doing say you’re busy or studying or working or something, LIE.

By Friday, he should ask you again what you’re doing and if you want to talk or hang out and he might even apologize and say he misses you, if he does any of those things, you’re in the clear but you need one more push. So when he asks, “What are you doing tonight? Can we talk?” You say, “Ya but I have a date tonight with Stephen.” Whether or not you actually have a date with Stephen, say it. It’ll drive him fucking crazy. He’ll say,”no, go on your date.” And then you say, “Too late, already canceled when are you getting here to talk or whatever.”

Get drunk.

By the time he gets there, you should look like you’re ready for your date, a cute clarity dress, nice make up and heels. He’ll ask, “why are you so dressed up?” and you’ll say, “for my fucking date i canceled since you wanted to talk to me so bad.”

Then you’ll talk and you won’t remember it but guess what? He’s not fucking other girls now.


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