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Post Spring Break Depression

If you’ve been doing a shot of tequila before class each morning, wearing sunglasses in class and then taking an afternoon nap by your complex’s pool then you might have Post Spring Break Depression. Especially if you’re stalking beach pictures that you and your friends took over the break, and that’s ok.

Here’s how to deal if you can’t even:

  1. Keep the Tequila Diet going strong, remember that Agave Plant in it? Ya it’s suppose to help with weight loss anyway and summer’s around the fucking corner.
  2. Stay tan, invest in a membership, transfer to some place that’s sunnier, stay by the pool, go to your lake house or beach house every weekend. Wear whites and some coral to really make your tan pop.
  3. Tell stories to everyone about how great it was until everyone hates you.
  4. Document your left over pictures on Instagram so even more people can be jealous of your great fucking trip.
  5. Start your summer countdown and book those trips before summer classes start.



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