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April Gifting

So here’s the best gifts for the month of April:

For the friend who just got a new place, these adorable salt and pepper shakers. It’s some Modern Tableware from Jonathan Adler at $48

For your hopeless romantic friend who needs to get laid. Love Letters of Great Men from Book at $13.16

This Makeup Bag for traveling is at for $25.99, give it to that sassy cousin that you don’t really care for or the bridesmaid you like the least.

This five year memory journal from Anthropologie is great for the writer friend that you need spend less time with and it’s only $14.95.

For the new couple who loves their IPA’s is these beer mugs from Etsy at $34.00

And for the Bridal Shower get her this coffee mug for her big day, she can sneak some tequila in it. Gift Boutique Bride Mug from at $22.00

Maya Brenner Jewelry Plates from at $39.00 for your wife or girlfriend who keeps losing and leaving her earrings everywhere.

For the person you’re about to break up with, CB Gift ‘Single – That’s All” Mug from Nordstom’s at $14.00

For your friend who needs to set fire to her Ex’s shit, Cheers! Matches from at $6.00

For the friend who isn’t as rich as the rest of us, this bag is at for $27.20

And lastly, some nice aviators for yourself since SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER!!

These Iconic Silver Mirror Aviators are from for $9.99


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