White Girl Guides

Guide: Lindsey Lohan’s March 2013 Mugshot

First, cop a satin black and white rack/varsity jacket.

Don’t wash your hair for like 3 days.

Because of substance abuse and erratic sleeping patterns slap on some La Mer, because you can afford it.

Use some grey pearl eye shadow and rub i in a little around and under your eyes. Cut some false eyelashes in half and put them in the corner of your eye so it looks like a cat eye but it’s not. The use just a little bit of black MAC eye kohl on the corner of your eye and then top it with some good, waterproof mascara, top and bottom.

Skip the taupe and go for a matte bronze shade for your contouring. Go nuts on your cheekbones with this. Don’t worry about your nose because the shitty lighting will make i shiny for you anyway.

Part your hair to the left, in a low messy bun, and hen shake i upside down until just the right amount of hair falls out on the sides.

Now you’re done and ready to go.





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