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UW Snapchat Love Story

So, I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the Love Story from the UW Snapchat Story, where Viking Fan and Mystery Girl meet. If you haven’t, here it is.

I have a few questions before I update you on what happens after.

Why do ya’ll go to school in Wisconsin first of all? How does the chick you’ve been talking to all year feel about seeing you on snapchat meeting another girl? Are you seeing both of them now? What the fuck is so great about Wisconsin? Isn’t it cold up there? I guess if it’s cold up there then it’s always cuffing season, right?

SOS, someone from UW should totally answer those questions for me soon.

Anyway, apperntly after they met at a bar called the KK (I feel like that’s not a good name for a bar), Vikings Fan walked Mystery Girl home and got her number.

Apparently, they’ve spent almost every day together doing couple shit like watching scary movies, baking brownies (special ones?) and going to block parties. Are block parties still a thing?

Dating, not dating, definitely not dating. So Vikings Fan is still single. He’s hot, tell him he can hit me up if it doesn’t go anywhere with Mystery Girl.


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