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Incorporating Heels in to Your Wardrobe

Firstly, invest in at least one good, nice, neutral pair of heels, like Jimmy Choo nice. Not every pair of heels needs to be this nice but at least in nude or black, so it’ll go with everything. Once you get into the $500 shoe stratosphere you can feel the difference.

Practice. The higher and skinnier the heel, the harder it is to walk in.

Just remember: heel-toe-heel-toe

  Treat it like the opposite of skiing & lean back in your heels. Your instep will thank me.

  Get shoes that fit. Ask sales people for their input when you try heels on, read reviews on the brand. Some materials (like leather) are notorious for expanding as they wear, some not so much; if it is an animal material like that, the old wearing thick socks while you walk around in them, using a hair dryer on the heel might do you some good. If you really do have wide feet you might be relegated to trolling Zappos and other websites that do a good job marking shoes that come in different widths. Consider inserts to make the heels comfier or make them fit better if they’re too loose.

  When you can bring flats you should bring flats (have flats in a drawer at work, or flats in bag if you’re carrying a big purse). Your commute shoes don’t have to clash with your outfit in the extreme, get a pair of neutral flats or at least some Keds or something.

Tip: Scuff the soles for more traction.

   Put on bandaids in friction problem areas before you go out in them, not afterward. Keep bandaids in your purse. I’ve seen really serious bitches use duct tape but that fucks up the look so …..

Hopes this helps. xoxoxo


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