15 Signs He’s a Fuckboy

  1. He asks to hang out but doesn’t text to follow up so you’re just kinda left in the dark until you ask him ya’ll are still on.
  2. “We should hang,” is a phrase that comes out of his mouth a lot but he never actually initiates hanging.
  3. Or “let me know when you’re free” is something he might say instead of just setting a date and time.
  4. He avoids answering if he’s seeing someone else, he’ll tell you not to worry about it or something stupid like that.
  5. He likes to use the phrases,”keep me posted” and “lets stay in touch” when you invite him out instead of just giving a fucking answer.
  6. His friends don’t know who you are.
  7. Or his friends know all about you but act like they know more than you which means they do because he’s seeing someone else too.
  8. He’ll disappear for days with out you ever hearing anything about him and then just pop back up like it’s nothing.
  9. When you ask whats up and why he’s being such a douche, he’ll over explain about why he’s super busy and it’s some stupid excuse.
  10. He doesn’t give two fucks if some guy comes and flirts with you in front of him.
  11. When you run in to other girls in public, he doesn’t introduce you or at least not as his girlfriend.
  12. He’s always snapchatting, texting, and all that other junk when yall are together. But he’s probably texting other girls.
  13. He doesn’t respond to you during prime date hours but during prime bootycall hours.
  14. His friends avoid eye contact with you when other girls are flirting with him.
  15. Hes never initiated taking a picture with you, doesn’t care for the pictures you do take, doesn’t want to take pictures with you and doesn’t post any photos with you on social media.

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