White Girl Guides

Summer To Do’s

If you feel like you’re just completely wasting your summer, I got a great list for you. These are things I say I’m going to do every summer but I usually end up in Mexico instead. Sometimes that because I want to and other times because I’ve been kidnapped, either way, tons of fun.

So if you can’t afford to get out of your country or you’re not hot enough to be kidnapped, here’s what you can do instead of wasting your summer:

  • Find a bar tending class and learn how to hold your alcohol.
  • Learn to Code!
  • Learn how to speak other languages, I mean what if you do end up traveling one day? Chinese and Spanish are the languages of capitalism.
  • Get that hot body you always wanted, working out is free.
  • Practice your make up skills until it’s perfect, then go out and show it off.
  • Go for a walk or run everyday.
  • Learn to knit (I did this one when i was 15 and stuck on a 12 hour plane ride because my nanny forgot to bring the xanax)
  • Start a blog
  • Have a quarter life crisis
  • Paint
  • Start and etsy shop with your knitting and paintings.
  • Volunteer
  • Adopt a large black homeless man like on The Blindside (I did this and his name is Robert and he’s packing for me right now)
  • Crash a 40 year old’s birthday party and get offered a job there while wasted

so instead of starting a new ass print on your couch, do something with your life this summer. xoxox


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