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Oh,no! I bought champagne instead of milk again

I am now living alone. I mean, I’ve always had a boyfriend or  roommate of some sort. My first year on my own, I had two roommates and we had two dogs. Amber, one of my roommates turned out to be a psychopath who hated animals but she was a veterinary major. Which for those… Continue reading Oh,no! I bought champagne instead of milk again

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Weight Loss Yoga: Hover Pose

Hover (Firms shoulders, arms, abs, and back) Begin in push-up position on toes with arms straight, hands below shoulders, and body in line from head to heels. On an exhale, lower chest toward floor, bending elbows back, arms close to body, abs tight. Hold a few inches above floor. Make It Easier: Begin on hands… Continue reading Weight Loss Yoga: Hover Pose