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DIY: Gypsy Soul Dream Catcher


Fabric scraps
Extra trims
Embroidery floss
Embroidery needle
Brass macrame ring (I get mine from Joann, but I’m sure they have them at any craft store.)
Doily* (These will stretch when you attach them, so make sure it is smaller than your ring.)
Fabric glue
Beads and feathers (optional)

How To:

Step 1. Go to your stash

Ok, so we all have that huge hoard, er, I mean collection of fabric. Mine is mostly organized and sort of folded on my rack, until you get to the top shelf. That is where all my pieces that are under 1/4 yard live. I used to be able to get a bodice out of a small piece for my daughter, but then (without my permission) she started to grow up!

Ok, Pick out a handful of pieces from you scrap shelf/box/floor and head on over to your work space. If you are making a large dream catcher, you will want full length pieces.

Step 2. Make your strips

Take one of your scraps and make a little cut, starting at the salvage edge. It only needs to be about an inch or so. After you make your cut, just rip the strip off! Simple as that. Each strip is about 1/2 inch to 1 inch wide. this is all about personal preference and completely up to you.

Step 3. Wrap your ring

Pick out one or two of the strips you want to use around the ring. If you are doing one of the bigger sizes, you will need two to cover the whole thing.

Take your strip and glue it to your ring at an angle. After it dries, just start wrapping it around the ring. When you are done, just glue it down. There is no right or wrong way to do this part. You can even use other materials instead of fabric. I have some leftover jute twine that I want to use for one!

Step 4. Putting in your center.

This is probably the hardest step. Get your doily, embroidery floss, and needle. I like doing this on a flat surface to start it, but then you can totally just do this step on the couch or chair or whatever.

Place your doily in the center of the ring. Take your floss and thread in through the needle. Tie the end of the floss to the ring, but use a knot that you can untie at the end. Start “sewing” it onto the loop. This is sort of like a whip stitch. It is up to you how you want the stitches spaced out. I like to do it on each petal.

Remember your doily is going to stretch so make sure you pull your floss tight enough! When you finish it up, there is a little wiggle room so even it out. At the end, take the part that is tied to the loop and untie it. After that, tie it to the other end of the string.

Then you are done, you should have something that looks like this. If you used a doily and hoop that are closer to the same size, then your petals will be touching the ring.

Step 5. Time to strip 

Take that awesome pile of fabric strips and lace trims, ribbons, etc. and get ready to attach them! This is my favorite part.

Take a strip and fold it in half. Loop it around the ring. I’m sure there is an official name for this but I have no idea what it is. If you have ever made a tutu, you know what I mean.

Put all your fabric pieces on first. Don’t worry about cutting off the selvage edges yet. After you get your fabric strips on, add in your trims and lace. This is where your creativity will shine through. I like layers and textures, so I like to add in different laces and ribbons and stuff. At the end, you will have something that looks similar to this.

Step 6. Give it a haircut

Find a place to hang your dream catcher for this next step. I use a wreath hanger on my front door.

Grab those scissors and get to work! I like to cut mine at and angle on each side down toward the center. You can cut straight across, or do something rounded that follows the curve of the circle. Make sure you cut off all the selvage edges.

Step 7. The extras

If you want to add beads and feathers, now is the time. I use beads with big holes and I can just slip the fabric through them. If you pick out beads with small holes, just string them on some embroidery floss and attach them! Easy peasy! I didn’t add fathers to this one, but if you want to add some, I just tie them to the end and then add a little dab of glue so they don’t fall off.

You now have a pretty dreamcatcher!


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