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DIY: Metallic Rope Throw Basket


Round laundry basket (I got this one at the dollar store… it was .96 cents… ?)
1 jar Americana Decor Metallics in Copper (If you need me later, you can find me splashing this color on everything in my house. Obsessed.)
About 85 feet of ½” Jute rope
1 yard felt, fleece or muslin
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Utility knife
Paint brush


With your hot glue gun, attach the felt to the base of the laundry basket, folding and gluing pleats as you go. Cut off excess material around the side and glue the seam up to the top of the basket. You don’t want to cut off the felt at the top, you’ll use it later. Starting at the base of the basket, hot glue the rope and wrap around the entire basket, stopping when the top is tucked just under the lip of the basket.Fold the felt back so that it is hanging outside of the basket. Using a utility knife, cut off the top rim/handles of the laundry basket. Tuck the material back into the basket and poof! It’s your basket liner! Now for best part, the paint! I color block painted the throw basket with a very subtle ombré. I started by adding a small amount of Americana Decor Metallics in Copper to my paint brush by dipping the brush in the jar and wiping off excess. I started my color block about a quarter of the way down from the top. I dry brushed the copper paint, starting at that point and working my way down to the base of the basket. After the entire bottom color block was painted in the wash of copper, I went down to the base of the basket to build up the color. I really smooshed (technical term) the paint at the bottom, gradually lightening the smooshing and lessening the amount of paint I used as I worked my way up, creating the subtle ombré. And that’s it, that easy! I really love the contrast in not only color, but in finish and texture as well. This throw basket is exactly what I imagined in my mind, but cost way less than had I actually been able to find it in a store and I had fun creating it. Win and win for the win!


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