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Chanting Om Mantra

Chanting Sacred Om:

Om is the most sacred sound in our Universe. It represents the basic Shakti energy field that forms the substratum of all existence. The goal of chanting Om is to realize Shakti and become Shakti. While reaching this goal, you can enjoy excellent health and many other benefits by simply chanting Ommmmm……

3 Phases of Om:

The Shakti energy field is composed of the smallest energy particles in existence. This particle field underlies everything in our universe. The particles flash out of, and disappear back into, emptiness so fast that their life span cannot be measured. All phenomenon in our universe is created from Shakti particles, sustained in Shakti and disintegrates back into Shakti.

The sacred sound of Om encompasses all three phases of energy:

Creating (Brahma)
Sustaining (Vishnu)
Disintegrating (Shiva)
When you chant Om as described in the exercise below you are:

Creating new energy to rebuild yourself on all levels.
Sustaining your presence in the universe.
Disintegrating away old, unneeded, stale energies, leaving you clean and refreshed.

Chanting Om With Beads:

Chanting with beads is the traditional method of measuring both time and number of repetitions while chanting. If you don’t have beads, set the alarm on your cell phone for 10-15 minutes.Hold the beads (Buddhist beads, Muslim beads, or a Christian Rosary). loosely in your hand draped over your index finger. Every time you chant Om once, use your thumb to move one bead. There is usually one slightly larger bead, or a piece of string, to mark the beginning and ending point. Once around the string of beads is one mala.

Pronunciation & Vibration of Om:

O –long O sound, short duration.
m –short m sound, very long duration.

The long O sound lasts for a very short period of time with your mouth open.

The short mmmmmm…… sound lasts very long with your mouth closed. (It continues as long as you are breathing out.) Send the sound vibrations up your nasal passages with your exhaling breath to vibrate the bone in your nose.

Ommmmm……. While vibrating your nasal bone.

The vibration of your nasal bone is THE most important part of this exercise. No benefit accrues without this vibration. The vibrating nose bone is the magical tool that sends waves of Om energy throughout your entire system.

An Om Exercise:

-Chant the sacred Om sound aloud for one mala. This vibrates all your cells, detoxifying and recharging them.
-Chant Om in a whisper for one mala. This cleanses your emotions.
-Chant Om silently for one mala. Continue chanting in time with your breath, sending the silent sound into your nasal bone. This vibrates your etheric energy body. Ultimately you will see the Shakti particle field.

Chanting Om purifies you on all levels. It dissolves away the obstructions that are preventing you from experiencing reality and gaining Enlightenment.


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