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Redbull & Vodka are the Same as Cocaine (Basically)

Researchers at Purdue gave a group of mice some cocaine and other mice alcohol mixed with caffeine. Both groups of mice behaved similarly, so basically, Red Bull vodka is the poor man’s coke. Wait, but isn’t crack the poor man’s coke? So is RBV the poor man’s crack? Fuck, IDK. Too many questions. Anyway, maybe this explains why Four Loko was banned so quickly.

It’s not all (necessarily) good news. Apparently, mixing alcohol and caffeine caused the mice to build up a tolerance to cocaine, which is not good news if you do a ton of cocaine. It can also cause permanent brain damage, still not deterred.

So you can stop hooking up with that sketchy club promoter just for the coke plug. You’re welcome; I just saved you all a bunch of money.


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