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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

Women Your Age & Younger
Under $50:

The Best of Dear Coquette: Coke honestly raised me so even though I’m not sure this is something my little sister will really sit down and read, I want her to have it for emergencies. Other Suggestions: I’m on a major Shirley Jackson kick so a beautiful copy of We Have Always Lived in the Castle is also always an appropriate gift for the member of your family you’d be least likely to murder. (Ruth Franklin’s new Jackson bio is a good option for anyone who is already Jackson af.)
Card case: This was probably the most useful thing I bought myself all year. I need quick access to my work ID and transit card 24/7 – having them in my wallet is not only inconvenient squared but also means I’d be waving my cash and cards around twice a day, and having them loose in my pocket feels like I’m always on the brink of losing them. This is the perfect size to keep in my pocket or to easily be found in my purse, is cute, and if I want to run to get coffee or lunch I can just slip my credit card in and bring this instead of my whole bag. Other Suggestions: (Not completely related but is in that it’s also a small leather good…) I’ve been on the hunt for a luggage tag (if you want to go over $50: Smythson) and I think that sounds like a lovely, ladylike gift for someone you already know has the suitcase to match.

Moon Dust Sachet Sampler: Admit that you’ve been wanting to try it; embrace the fact that you’re a whimsical and frivolous bitch. Assume that your friends are probably also whimsical and frivolous bitches.
Cooling rack & cookie dough scoop: These are two baking tools I’ve always lived without because it feels like they’re not capital n Necessary but I finally caved and bought them and they make life so much easier (and less messy, and more glamorous). Even if you’re not much of a baker, I find this size of scoop really useful when I’m cooking too. Other Suggestions: This is kind of kitchen related so I’m justifying putting this here, I’ve wanted a set of coupe champagne glasses for the longest time and these are beautiful and not too expensive, if you find them in store you can buy them individually.

Sleep mask: These are way too stinkin cute I have the fox one and honestly I’ve never been more adorable. Someone come do a PJs photoshoot of me. Other Suggestions: If you know someone less quirky and more opulent, get them a nice cashmere one or a silk one (for added sultriness or for skincare reasons).

A Smith & Cult nail polish: The packaging is luxe enough that if you gift one color to a friend it doesn’t feel like a diss. I personally would want a New Year’s Eve-ready color like 1972 or Kundalini Hustle but they’re all pretty wild. (Pro tip for Chicago readers: Arch & Apothecary carries the entire line in store! Perfect for a last minute gift.) Other Suggestions: NCLA has a nail polish called My Dad Invented That, who wouldn’t want that? Also they have an astrology collection. Agenda: I know they’re sold out all the time but the pink “I’m Very Busy” one is #thevibe.

Climber earrings: Climber earrings are my new passion, they provide just enough edge for a square like me with only a single ear piercing in the respectable location. They’re like those bracelets that connect to rings but not terrible.

Compact mirror: Honestly, as a #workinggirl, a necessity. Other Suggestions: I’ve always wanted this Paul & Joe one but keep putting off buying it, I don’t know why. It’s kind of huge and I’d love whipping a giant seashell out of my purse to reapply my lipstick.

Over $50:

Kettle: This is a kind of extravagant kettle but I’ve carried mine through three apartments and it just makes your kitchen (and tea) better, & Le Creuset’s hibiscus color is soooo beautiful. Don’t worry, it’s got a great whistle – one time a roommate had a kettle whose whistle didn’t sound homey and cozy at all it sounded like something was broken and it put me off tea for the whole lease.

Brush set: Like I’ve said before, I think it’s really hard to buy skincare & makeup for someone when you’re shooting in the dark; unless they tell you exactly what they want or encourage you to pick something out for them, I feel like there’s going to be some hurt feelings and some eye shadow used once and then left in a drawer. But everyone loves a new brush.

Shun 8-inch chef’s knife: A great gift for a graduate! Honestly this should be in the men’s section because I’m sure there’s a lot more hopeless cases when it comes to stocking a home and cooking like an adult there but they don’t deserve such a beautiful starter knife. #ThatHammeredFinishTho Other Suggestions: Um so I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about cast iron pans and I would love for someone who knows what they’re doing to buy me a vintage one (or, if new, a Finex one) and a little cookbook to help get me started. I’m positive my mother and grandmother have one each but I honestly think my mom would think I was weird if I asked for hers.

Necklace: Not my usual gift recommendation style but as soon as I saw this I wish I knew a spunky preteen to give this to??? It’s so cute. Other Suggestions: I feel like we all know a girl who would love pearl earbuds. Not sure if we like her enough to buy her a present but maybe you do!

Tray: I’m always razzing my sister how it’s so clear she’s not a big coffee drinker because there’s no place to sit on her couch and also conveniently put down your coffee cup. I’m tired of delicately balancing my coffee on the couch cushions & living in constant fear so I am definitely picking up a nice tray for my weekend coffee on the couch and to wrangle remotes on the coffee table during the week.




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