Politics: Trump

Trump’s harsh rhetoric about Hispanics, Muslims and women was one of the hallmarks of his campaign, and while he emerged from the election with a solid majority of electoral college votes, he trailed Democrat Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million popular votes. In national exit polling, 91 percent of black voters had an unfavorable view of Trump, while 83 percent regarded Clinton favorably. In their vote preference, the exit polling found that black voters favored Clinton over Trump by a margin of 89 percent to 8 percent.

Since Election Day, Trump has said that, in an effort to bring the country together, he would reach out to voters who did not support him.

During the transition, Trump has been frequently photographed at his New York headquarters with black celebrities, including the rapper Kanye West, retired football great Ray Lewis and boxing promoter Don King. On Friday, he was visited by Steve Harvey, a comedian, game-show host and dating-advice guru. Harvey supported Clinton and had been critical of Trump during the campaign, but after their meeting he said the president-elect was “congenial and sincere.”


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