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DIY: Jingle Bell Ornaments


jingle bells (about 50 per wreath depending on size)
wire (I used 26 gauge florist wire)
ribbon (about 12″ length per wreath)
needle-nose pliers
wire cutters

How To:

To start with, cut a 16″ length of wire and loop back one end about 1″. Using the needle-nose pliers, wrap the end around until you’re left with a tiny loop and the end is secure.

Start feeding the bells onto the wire, making sure the first one is tight against the loop and each additional bell is as close as possible.

After you get about a 7″ strand of bells (depending on how large you want your wreath to be), feed the end through the loop you made earlier and secure it by wrapping the wire around the bells a few times. Cut the end off with your wire cutters and reshape the whole thing into a circle. Attach a piece of ribbon for hanging. So simple!



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