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Light Meditation Technique: Intuition, Joy, Creativity


You will notice that no time limit has been given for Light Meditation, as that is open and up to you. Do the meditation for as long as you enjoy . I would suggest starting with at least 3 minutes though.


-Increases intuitive abilities and psychic powers.
-Helps one penetrate the mysteries of the Universe.
-Promotes joy and inner peace.
-Increases one’s artistic and creative abilities.
-Helps expand awareness.
-Promotes radiance and inner light.
-Helps one develop mastery over the subtle sciences.


Sit with your legs crossed with the hands in Gyan Mudra (thumb tip and index finger meeting, other three fingers pointing forward). You can also sit on a chair for this meditation.

Place your hands in front of you as if holding a book for reading (elbows are bent, the forearms are angled upwards and palms facing you). Now slide the right hand about six inches further up than the left hand. The finger tips of the left hand will be in line with the wrist of the right hand. Hold this position.

Now visualize yourself walking at the break of dawn in an open field. See above you a single morning star shinning brightly in a still dark early morning sky. The light of a new day is just breaking in. Spend a few moments and immerse yourself fully into this scene.

Now visualize a beam of pure white light emanating from the star and penetrating your Heart Chakra (middle of your sternum). Allow this beam of light to be a pathway leading up to the star and begin to walk up this pathway of light. Feel great calm and peace as you ascend this pathway of light.

As you make your way up towards the morning star, repeat silently to yourself, “I am beautiful, I am light.” Continue to walk on this beam of light repeating this phrase mentally. Feel yourself merging more and more into the light, feel yourself become more subtle, more light, more aware, more beautiful, as you continue your journey upwards.

Finally, take some deep breaths, holding each breath in for as long as comfortable and feel yourself becoming one with light. Feel yourself becoming a being of pure light, beauty and awareness.

To end, feel bright, beautiful and full of light.


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