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DIY: Pom Pom Rug


yarn (Try to use different textures and thicknesses to add more variety to your rug, especially if your color scheme is fairly monochromatic.)
rug pad
toilet paper tubes
sharp scissors

How To:

Cut your rug pad into the size and shape you’d like your rug to be.

Make a boatload of pom poms. Make sure that you leave the “tails” of the yarn you’re tying around the pom pom yarn pretty long. These tails are what you’ll use to tie the pom poms to the rug pad.

When you’re starting to get close to having enough to cover your rug pad, begin tying them on using the “tails” from creating the pom poms. I knew I wanted a really dense rug, so I placed them fairly close together. Once you’ve tied some on, you can always go back and fill in any gaps if it’s not fluffing to your liking.

Make some more pom poms. I’m just kidding. Kind of. You will probably find though that once the pom poms are all tied to your rug mat, there’s going to be areas you want to fill in a little bit.

Trim off any wildly stray strands from your pom poms. And if you’d like, trim the tails on the backside of the rug.

How To Make The Pom Poms:

Cut a piece of cardboard that is approximately half the width you’d like your pom pom to be. The wider the cardboard, the longer each strand of your pom pom will be. Lie a 8-ish” piece of yarn parallel to your cardboard. This will become your pom pom’s “belt.”

Wrap your yarn around the cardboard. Don’t hold back here. Wrapping too little will result in a wilted-looking pom pom. If your cardboard is bigger, you’ll also need to wrap more times to give your pom pom enough poofy-ness.

Continue to wrap until you’ve loaded up your cardboard with a good snuggle of yarn.

Use the short “belt” piece of yarn to tie a tight knot around all of the wrapped yarn. Really synch it down as tightly as you can.

Flip your cardboard over and cut through the middle of all the pieces of wrapped yarn. Keep your pom pom laying flat and wrap the middle “belt” yarn back around the pom pom and tie it as tightly as possible one more time.

Fluff your pom pom and trim all the pieces of yarn to the same length.


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