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Trump’s “Packed” Day One Agenda: Immigration

Our newest president, Donald Trump, has decided to take some big actions that will be his first impression on us for the rest of his presidential career. What he says he’s going to do and actually achieve could be a big difference.

Immigration: Trumps whole campaign seemed to be centered around illegal immigration. So of course many of his Day One promises are also going to be centered around this. He had already determined a number of steps he planned on immediately taking using his new executive powers.

He’s promised to “eliminate every unconstitutional executive order.” Which is a reference to DACA and DAPA which made the children of illegal immigrants who brought them over, legal residents here.

He also had pledged to stop immigration from countries that are prone to terror. (Basically not wanting to let in anyone from a country where there could be possible terrorists.) Since it makes it harder to really separate who’s a possible terrorist and who isn’t. He’s also instructing the State Department to “immediately suspend the Syrian refugee resettlement program” and develop a safe zone in the region.

He wants to Congress to pass “Kate’s Law” which would ensure any illegal immigrant who is also a criminal a mandatory sentence if they plan to reenter the U.S.

He’s going to try to direct the Department of Labor to investigate abuses of visa programs (student visa, work visa, etc) that “undercut the American worker.”

And his most famous campaign promise: building a wall on the southern border, is also going to be a Day One action.



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