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Jnana Yoga Mantra Meditation


Try to keep up the Brahmakara vritti by repeating Om or Aham Brahmasmi mentally very often. The idea of infinity, the idea of an ocean of light, the idea of all-knowledge and all-bliss should accompany the mental repetition of Om. If the mind wanders, repeat verbally six times the long Pranava.

Make the mind self-introspective. Substitute good, virtuous, sublime thoughts. Feed the mind with ennobling aspirations and ideals.

Have the one all-pervading feeling. Deny the finite body as a mere appearance. Try to keep up the feelings always.

Remember these three word-images: purification, concentration, absorption. Repeat them mentally during meditation. This is a triplet. Remember this triplet. Purify the mind

Get rid of impurities such as anger and lust. Perform selfless, desireless actions. This will purify the mind.

Methods of Meditation:

Pranavo dhanuh saro hyatma brahma tallakshyam uchyate;
Apramattena veddhavyam saravan tanmayo bhavet.

Om is the bow, mind is the arrow and Brahman is the mark to be aimed at. Brahman is to be hit or pierced by him whose thoughts are concentrated. Then he will be of the same nature (tanmaya) as Brahman, as the arrow becomes one with the aim when it has pierced it.

Sit in padma or siddha asana. Close the eyes. Concentrate the gaze on trikuti, space between the two eyebrows. Now, chant deergha Pranava, long Om, forcibly for five minutes. This will remove the tossing of the mind. Concentration will ensue. Now repeat Om mentally with Brahma bhavana, feeling. Whenever the mind begins to wander, again chant Om verbally. As soon as the mind gets calm, mentally repeat Om again. The same process can be adopted for meditation on a form also.

In the beginning, when you are a neophyte, you can close your eyes to remove the distraction of mind, as you are very weak. But later on you must meditate with eyes open, even during walking. You must keep your balance of mind even when you are in the bustle of a city. Then only you are perfect. Why do you close your eyes during meditation? Open your eyes and meditate.

Think strongly that the world is unreal, that there is no world, that there is atman only. If you can meditate on atman even when the eyes are open, you will be a strong man. You will not be easily disturbed.

Continual Effort:

Put a piece of iron rod in the blazing furnace. It becomes red like fire. Remove it. It loses its red colour. If you want to always keep it red, you must always keep it in fire. Even so, if you want to keep the mind charged with the fire of Brahmic wisdom, you must keep it always in contact with the Brahmic fire of knowledge through constant and intense meditation. You must keep up an unceasing flow of the Brahmic consciousness. Then you will have the natural state.

If you are really thirsty for atma jnana and take delight therein, be not hasty in longing for the fruits at once. Meditate regularly and gradually upon them, then the mind will, by degrees, be ripened and, in the end, the endless atman will be reached. You will get self-realization.

OM Sakshi Aham – Jnana Yoga Mantra Meditation

Book: Meditation and Mantras

Author: Swami Vishnu Devananda

Chapter: Jnana Yoga Meditation: Vedantic Practice

Pages: 114-115


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