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Thing I’ve Noticed

Lots of body-shaming Melania and criticizing her fashion choices. Don’t fucking do that? I don’t give a shit if she has had a nose job or wears bad dresses or not, that 1) is her business, 2) has zero bearing on her political or social standing and 3) is completely irrelevant to everything wrong with the Trump administration.

Also don’t pick on Barron or armchair diagnose him or make memes out of him, he’s a fucking ten year old and completely under the control of his parents. He might grow up to be awful but he is currently still a child and we don’t know him and we shouldn’t know him because He Is A Child.

If you are truly against this human dumpster fire and what he stands for, you will not resort to the same bullying and misdirecting tactics of which he’s so fond.


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