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Lesson: Heaven & Hell

There is an old Buddhist story that comes from Japan.

A samurai came to a monk and said in a harsh authoritarian tone,
“Monk, teach me about Heaven and Hell!”

The monk looked him over and laughed saying,
“You? You want me to teach you? Look at you. Your sword is rusty
your robes are a mess. What makes you think I could teach you, of all people, about Heaven and Hell?

That samurai got pissed! No one ever talks to a samurai like that!
The nerve of this little fucker! So the samurai drew out his sword and swung it at the monk. He stopped right at the monks neck when he realized that the monk would not flinch.

The monk looked at the samurai and said,
“That is hell.”

The samurai’s eyes got huge! IT dawned on him that this monk
would sacrifice his life to give him this teaching.

The samurai realized the monk’s bravery and started to cry
in gratitude. The monk put his hand on the samurai’s shoulder
and said,
“And that is heaven.”

The moral of this story?
Stay off twitter. It’s going to be a long 4 years.
Your karma is your predisposition of mind to attraction and aversion.


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