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Advice: Growing Your Hair

Brush with a wide-toothed comb and tie it up with soft ties that don’t snag
Brush your hair from the ends up
If you hear a ‘tearing’ sound, that’s your hair breaking, so try to avoid it
Hair is most fragile when wet
Avoid bleach and perms
Avoid heat-styling, and use the hair dryer on low/cool or not at all
Gently rubbing your scalp can stimulate hair growth
Putting too much tension with tight ponytails or braids can cause alopecia (hair loss)
Vitamin B, vitamin C, biotin (vitamin B7/vitamin H), niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin E and keratin have all been reported to improve hair and nails. The most important thing however is to eat a wide variety of foods.
Regular trims can prevent split ends and lead to healthier, longer hair long term
Wearing hair in loose plaits, wrapped in a scarf, or wearing a hat can protect hair from the elements
Leaving conditioner on the hair for longer than an hour has no proven benefit and can actually cause damage to the hair and irritate the scalp
Hair needs both moisture and protein. Eggs whisked together can be used as a protein treatment, and coconut oil can be used as a conditioning treatment. There are many more inexpensive DIY treatments to be found online
The rate of hair growth is tied to metabolism; the faster your metabolism, the faster your hair will grow. Exercise can help.
The most important thing needed to grow long hair is patience


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