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So Hum Mantra Meditation: Love, Forgiveness, Compassion

Tools Required:

-Or you can use a traditional bead necklace (Mala) to count repetitions


Primary Benefits:

-Realization of your Divine Nature.
-Realization of the non-dual Nature of Reality.
-Stress Reduction, Relaxation, Peace and Tranquility.
-Spontaneous Joy and Happiness.

Secondary Benefits:

-Promotes Self-Healing.
-Builds mental focus and concentration.

Tips and Variations:

-Another way to practice So Hum Mantra Meditation is to visualize life, light and Divine energy flowing into you when you inhale and mentally say “Soooooo” and to feel your ego-centric limited consciousness flow out and evaporate into the atmosphere as you exhale and mentally say “Hummmmm”. This variation is also consistent with the meaning of the Mantra.
-At you develop this practice increase the exhalation phase such that it grows to about two times the inhalation phase.

Instructions for SoHum Mantra:

-Sit in a comfortable cross legged position. You may also sit on a chair or lie on your back to practice this meditation.
-Set your alarm or other time device for 10 to 20 minutes. If using a Mala do an appropriate count (for a traditional 108 bead mala its about 1 full cycle through the mala)
-If sitting, elongate your spine upwards, lengthen your neck and subtly bring your chin back and in, like a soldier at attention. This will align the spine with the back of your head.
-Place your hands in Gyan Mudra (Gesture of Knowledge). Which is thumb and index finger lightly meeting, wrists resting gently on the knees and palms facing upward. The other 3 fingers are extended.
-Take 5 deep, slow breaths though the nose. This will oxygenate your blood and relax you.
-Try to remain as still as possible.
-Now inhale slowly while saying the sound “Soooooooo” mentally and then slowly exhale while silently saying the sound “Hummmmmm”.
-After spending about half the time in meditation as described above, start with every cycle to feel your awareness expanding and merging with the Universe Consciousness. So as you continue to chant silently the mantra in rhythm with your breath, feel its real meaning acting upon you.
-Continue for the duration of the meditation.
-As the end of the meditation, try to remain with the all inclusive awareness and the sense that all is included in you.


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