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DIY: Sharpie Dot Flower Pot

Supplies needed:

white, ceramic flower pots – found these at the craft store
letter stickers
oil-based Sharpie(s)
optional: rubbing alcohol
optional: cotton swabs

How To:

Place the letter stickers on your pot to spell a name or word. You could use some fun shape stickers for this part as well!

Use your Sharpie to make dots all around the letters.

Make the dots close together around the stickers, and fade them out as you get further away. You can use one color like we did or have fun with a bunch of different colors.

Make sure the ink is completely dry and then peel off the stickers.

f there were any spots that the ink leaked under the stickers, just wipe it off with a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab.

And you’re done with your flower pot craft! Easy right?!


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