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Realistic Declutter Guide

1. If something still makes you smile KEEP IT. If it means nothing to you, or makes you feel sad/angry, GET RID OF IT. Keeping negative energy in your surroundings isn’t conducive to a healthy mind.

2. If you have a realistic plan to read that book/wear that jumper/watch that film, KEEP IT. If it could have stayed in the back of your cupboard for years without you thinking about it, GET RID OF IT.

3. If it’s irreparably broken, or you have no intention of fixing it, THROW IT AWAY. I once kept a pair of jeans for two years after they’d been torn because they were my favourite, but all they did was take up space in my wardrobe. Plus all it’s going to do is make you sad you can’t use/wear it anymore.

4. If you’re only keeping something out of guilt or because you don’t want to waste money GET RID OF IT. If you give anything you don’t want anymore to charity, someone else in the world is going to get more joy out of it than you would. Think about spreading that joy, and how that isn’t a waste at all.

5. It will take time! Don’t expect to be done in a day, and don’t forget that it will look a lot worse before it gets any better.

6. Don’t forget the aim is to make an environment you can be your happiest in. It doesn’t have to be virtually empty, it doesn’t have to look like the front cover of a lifestyle magazine, it just has to work for you.

Good Luck.


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