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Frat Star Gets It

I’m at some dumb frat party, and of course I’m talking to one of those frat stars, he’s the president of the fraternity blah blah fucking blah.

He goes to get me a drink, I can smell a roofie coming my way, already. Red solo cup is handed to me and we sit down on on of the cum stained couches but whatever. He makes the mistake of setting down his own drink, I haven’t taken a sip out of mine yet. I set my down and then grab his as if it’s mine while he’s bragging about how long he can do a keg stand or whatever.

Next thing you know, he’s finished the drink and is pretty much out.

I could’ve done a lot of fucking things but I drew a penis on his face and wrote “I tried raping a girl tonight with a roofie” on him and all over his fucking bedroom door.

Thanks Mr Frat Star President.


2 thoughts on “Frat Star Gets It

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