Trump’s Executive Order On Refugees

People are going in to literal hysteria making comments on this order. Such as CNN’s headline declaring “Trump Bans 134,000,000  From The U.S.” But lets get our facts straight here.

Did he really implement a muslim ban like promised? No, he actually did far fucking from it you, idiots. He signed an executive order with moderate refugee restrictions which was just temporarily directed at conflict zones limiting immigration, like from jihadist conflict zones.

In short: It’s a 120 day ban to help improve the vetting process for them to be able to immigrate here and then caps refugees admissions at 50,000. Which isn’t outrageous at all since the 50,000 stands right in between the amount Obama and George W Bush let in while they were in term.

He’s not doing anything wrong here. You’re all just hysterical idiots believing fake media on Facebook and listening to shitty people who actually have no idea what’s going on.


4 thoughts on “Trump’s Executive Order On Refugees

  1. I am an old lady so I would prefer “expletive frustratingly deleted” but i also do understand your, maybe I should say our shock and horror that alleged journalists who are supposed to report verified facts are publishing lies and burying truth. I have seen it happen over and over again.
    I watch a press conference. Trump says something. Press jumps on it and takes it out of context or twists it out of all resemblance to what he said. Media talks about it ad nauseum for at least a week. Then it gets perverted into either a character flaw or a personality deficit.
    Like you, I am absolutely sick of all of it. The money supporting the protesters, the local mayors and police (and sometimes faculty) who encourage the riots and protests, the Democratic Party for its obstructionism and childishness and, finally, the press for being so poorly educated and so foolishly biased that they allow themselves to be so candidly manipulated into liberal dogma.
    Thank you for posting this. I wish everyone in the media could read it!


      1. You are a sweetheart! I appreciate it very much, despite being older I do have a blog somethingelse4all@wordpress.com I THINK I got the address right…..or at least correct enough for you to find me.
        You will see why I responded to your post when you get here because, yes, I do primarily write to relieve frustration. (Insert laughter here).


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