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Are Women In To The Game?

Are women into the game or the players?

Ahh its over I write this in testosterone, alcohol, and poultry fueled sense of relief and vindication. MY Team, well at least my backup team just won the Super Bowl. After a year of being of experts being proved wrong on so many things finally, The Pats win and while some are sad I mean really sad grown men despondent over a game they did play and the loss of a team from a place they had never been! But what is Football to men?

For some it was a way – and the only way one got to hang out with ones cool older brothers and cousins. Later, it is a way to communicate with your Father when you are at that age when you are sure he knows nothing and you know everything but you both “love The ______ so he can’t be all bad” As one approaches Middle Age it is a way to live out childhood fantasy’s if only I had been Taller, stronger, faster, practice more, of had any athletic talent – that could be me” In Middle age not only do you have something with which you bond with your sons; it is also a way when you can safely hang out with your boys and eat what and as much as you like. Drink as much as and whatever you like. Say whatever you like, and make as many bodily noises as yo like when not under the watchful loving eye of mummy? NO, Honey. This leads one to wonder What do women like about Football? Or is it just another way they have come up with to control, another joy they can regulate, another male bastion through which they can break? By The Way are male journalist allowed in women’s locker room?

Let’s be clear I am a modern American Male who fully supports and enjoys the freedoms and rights of the 21st century woman. The very idea of working in an modern version of Mad Men season 1, really makes me uncomfortable – after all my boss is woman!! and I love it! However, as maleness becomes less and less the bastion of males I wonder if it makes women more corse? I have noticed while watching the women in the room swear as much as men do (although no one screamed “RUN MOTHAFUCKKA” louder than I did – but I’m from New York). Now I did notice that you ladies spend an inordinate about of time watch the huddle and were really focused on the screen after a tackle- Or is that it is a well know fact, that a mans testosterone level increases after spending long periods of time around other men. so Football could be both aphrodisiac and foreplay. despite any and all protestation men or this man may have about the breaking of the NFL Ceiling men all over this country are bird happy when we find a woman who loves Football -as long as its the same team

Do women love the game of football make men softer or women coarser?
A beer, not Bud if you think the later.
A glass of rosé if you think the former.

-Anthony Meyers



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