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Rule 1: Date Like You’re In Charge

Because you are in charge. Text him and tell him Prove you like me or never text me at 2 AM for a hookup ever again.

The new guy you’ve been casually seeing, don’t have sex with him like at all. Don’t even give off the vibe that you want to, and instead of asking for another date or to hang out or waiting around for him to text you: Text him with “When are you seeing me again? I have to fit it in to my schedule.”

The guy you accidentally spend the night with after a long night at the bar, before doing the walk of shame while he’s in the shower, make the fucking bed. Proves you can do something and you’re not going to leave any evidence behind for him to remember you by. Besides the fact that he’ll call you the next day asking for a real date, because you’re a woman who knows how to make a bed. 

You’re in charge so drink as many glasses of wine as you want, smoke as many pretty cigarettes as you want and read a damn book about empowering yourself. Or my blog. Your fucking choice.

**I’m not saying any of those three things happened over the past week but I’m also not not saying that. You know who you are. **


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