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Career Advice

· Experiment. Don’t specialize too early, so you have more experience and you’ll have more opportunities.

· Get a broad CV.

· Internships gets you places.

· Learn economics, history & geopolitical issues.

· Be able to communicate.

· Believe in something. Nobody was ever remembered in history for being a nice guy but for their set of ideas. Your ideas get you remembered. Don’t bother get into this field if you don’t wanna change something, Have a sense of what you want to achieve and STICK WITH IT. The times I regretted it most were when I compromised my ideas to please others.

· There’s too much process in foreign policy so be one of the people who wants results instead of processes.

· Be courageous. Put forward ideas that are challenging to the status quo.

· Learn languages.

· Follow your own interest (do what you believe).

· Support your colleagues & work with a team mindset.

· Now some places that didn’t get the attention they needed in the cold war are getting more attention now, so foreign policy is getting more interesting.


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