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Why Are There No Conservative Activists?

With the exception of the pro-lifers, and off course the now flaccid tea party movement not have any activist. Cleary there are conservatives who are active look at how many shoed up during the campaign for the Trump rallies, town meetings etc.Are these fold ideological driven or were they personality driven? One can be pretty sure that the Leftist protesters are driven by ideological fervor even if they are not as fully informed as they might think. I think even those driven by financial reward (see the ads on craigslist ) the financial rewards are the icing on the ideological cake.

When asked, conservatives have jobs or go to class hence no time to protest. Or is it a bigger issue Is it that Conservatives are focused on politics whereas the left operates on a wide range of fronts. The left seems to have learned the lesson from Lady Thatcher, “1st win the arguments then you get the votes” . The argument they won was not ideological, economic, nor factual but emotional. They then took that message a weaved into the culture . While the right ignored Hollywood, Academia, and the media the left cooped all of them and now wonder why despite a electoral landslide they remain in control of all the sinews of popular culture and can from defeat and almost continuous political defeat agitate and even violently hold the nations attention through protest. Where are the young conservatives in all this why can’t they organize a protest worth a damn? I think if the right wants to see real change it must be active in the popular culture, it must organize events beyond cotillions, it must see above the waist even above the neck and make the arguments engage folks in the street. Less Ben Shapiro and more Ann Coulter!


-Anthony Meyers



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