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Madonna Made Me A Lady GaGa Fan

Like most people my age I, Madonna was part of my pop-culture consciences. I must admit I did not even know who Lady GaGa was until about three years ago, even then I got her all wrong. When I saw her slithering across a magazine cover I said “that’s Lady GAGA ? I am sure her father His Lordship can’t be happy with her behavior.” My son simply smiled, and told me she was from New York and went to the Sacred Heart School. Really I replied, so glad I am the father of a son and not a daughter. That cover was all the Lady GaGA i even needed to know, or know about, until at a party folks were talking about the feud between Madonna and Lady G and how Mo referred to LG’s music as “derivative”. Aging I did not pay this much attention since all art, unless you are a cave dwelling Neanderthal is derivative.

For folks my age Madonna – pre Vogue – was the quintessential party music. Let me share a dark secret I spent my late adolescence as a “Club Kid”. By day I was a TopSider, Crew Neck sweater, khaki wearing, East Coast, Uptown, Preppy. However at Night the TopSiders became boots, the Crew neck sweater became a T Shirt, the trousers became the tightest pair of black 501’s a underneath a red leather Jock strap. By Day the GoGo’s Bananarama, and Simple Minds with a touch of Smokey Robinson (it can happen in daylight too you know). At Night, it was Billy Idol, The Clash, The Smiths and yes I must admit Techno – Hey I lived in Europe for a minute – During the day it was Reagan, Thatcher, and Opus Die, at night it was Blondie, The Smiths, and The Smiths. AHHHH BACK IN THE DIZZAY, Madonna worked in both of these worlds! I can even my mother bouncing her head to “Dress you up in my Love”. Regardless of how dull the party or the people attending a Madonna Album made everybody get up and dance.

I was introduced to Mo on a date. I choose the Restaurant, she chose the movie. The movie (i guess today I would say FILM ) chosen was “Desperately seeking Susan” Now I was not dating a wannabe, nor did I ever become a real fan – I never bought an album; years later another date dragged me to see “Truth or Dare” while not a Madonna fan per see I was Madonna aware. Mind you there were other pop singers I enjoyed a lot more than
Miss Ciccone, or Mrs. Sean Penn, Cindy Lauper, Queen Latifah, and yes the comeback Rosemary Clooney (George’s Aunt).As one gets older and one tastes evolve, and develop so did Cindy and Queen Latifah Mo music seems to have remanned in the bubble gum phase of development. Here is the thing Stand CL can actually sing listen to their grown up albums CT’s version of At Last or Hymn to Love will mellow you out blunt. QT’s cover of great American standards makes you proud to be an American – it’s a blast!! Her version of “I’m gonna live until I Die” while not Sammy’s, Frank’s or Dean’s transports you to days when people dressed for dinner. The soulful rendering of California Dreaming is like hearing it for the 1st time all over again
But I digress

Like I said I was never a big Fan, But I could envision liking Mo, as Los Vegas act a sort of glitzy Susan Anton (remember her) Then came Jan 21, 2017, I am not going to talk about the mires of the event suffice it to say, what a day then Madonna had her Sinead O’Conner moment. I am not a “pearl clutcher” in any way of the word but DAYUMN LADY blowing up the white House! You don’t even live in this country any longer!! This is to your credit I have to say I wish more celebrities would keep their vacate promises, I am sure the though of Lena Dunham leaving drove at least one state into the arms of DT. Contrast with Lady G’s Super Bowl performance yes she got her message across to those who were looking for one but she kept the show as a halftime entertainment of a football game. Nothing more. Yes, the garment was a bit too reveling and the show was a bit too NC17 for my middle age sensibilities, red leather JS has been long replaced by red boxers. I actually found myself dancing, yes dancing like a young man again. “YOU and me can write a bad romance” I can actually envision LG evolving to sing the music i now listen to. While I can’t image listen to the sultry sounds of her Ladyship while sipping a gimlet and wearing a Dinner Jacket. I can image asking in the not too distant future “is that Lady Gaga” if I stumble upon her rendition of “Nice and Easy”.

It is the difference between Sex and the City and Girls but the two singers have chronologically switched places. Both started as Girls but while Madonna has remained there in a pathetic attempt to remain relevant to Lady G’s demographic. Lady G may be poised to become latter seasons of SATC
-I have not seen any of the Movies-

If you are a SATC Drink a Cosmopolitan.
If you are a Girls Drink a Long Island Ice Tea

-Anthony Meyers


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