Third World Immigration, Leftist Parties, W/C & Young Whites and Economic Populism

I used to think that leftists were making a very politically clever (although treasonous) move by importing the third world but I’m not so sure anymore. Social democratic parties are being decimated all over Europe and are losing their traditional working-class support to right-wing populist parties. Support for social economics has not fallen by any noticeable degree and may even be greater than it was in the recent or distant past. The reason for the left’s political decline is their embrace of anti-Europeanism and cultural leftism, both of which are toxic with White working-class voters.

As leftist parties import more aliens, the traditional base of the left will migrate to the nationalist right to an ever greater degree. The worse the aliens are, the faster this process will occur. Muslims are the best in this respect because parties that attract Muslims tend to lose everyone else. The Labour Party in Britain and the Socialist Party in France are prime examples of this. Even other alien minorities like Jews, Sikhs, Chinese and to some extent Blacks (not to mention White homosexuals and some feminists) don’t want to be in the same party as Muslims. Because defending the indefensible gives ethnically-masochistic goodwhites the biggest buzz, they will not change their policy on this issue to suit political realities, meaning that the left will continue to hemorrhage support.

In the medium-term, I imagine that Labour and other centre-left European parties will lose most of their White working-class support, which is currently hanging by a thread in blue-collar traditional strongholds like Stoke. The White-left voter will become a practically extinct species in the long-run as even the slowest of them understand that left-wing parties hate them and wish to flood their communities with crime-prone, hostile, parasitic aliens. The welfare state isn’t used to benefit them, their legitimate ethnic and economic concerns are dismissed as “racist” and their traditional parties support institutional anti-White discrimination against them in education and employment. The White-working class are realising that the radical right support their interests, while the anti-White left despise them and have taken them for granted for a generation, if not longer.

In nations where the aliens aren’t so obviously destructive, this process will be slower and less dramatic, although the same signs are present in America as the White working-class went in heavily for Trump. The Democrat strategy will likely give them a clear political advantage in the long-term though but I’m not sure the same is true in Europe. While Arabs and Africans may become a very large and theoretically electorally decisive population in the long-term, this will not matter because democracy and our institutions generally will not function when our demographic composition is majority third world and largely Muslim. The political system will crumble before the left-wing parties can really make use of their ethnic vote they imported to attack the interests of the natives. In this time, the nationalist right can win elections and potentially reverse these policies but if they can’t do that, they can at least accelerate the destruction of the system. If the Front National was to win in France and seriously attack the problems, they may not be able to save France but the ethnic reaction to these developments could easily usher in civil war or a dictatorship, which could lead to a permanent solution along nationalist lines.

I hope that young Whites will understand what this means from a racial perspective. A majority of Whites 18-29 voted Trump over Hillary which is very encouraging but they should be the most nationalistic demographic. Aside from all of the other problems with immigration, it is the young who mostly compete with aliens for housing, rents, low-skilled jobs, have to pay the national debt long-term and will fight in any civil wars that occur, while the old are largely unaffected or even benefit economically. We will suffer far more directly than our parents or grandparents from these treasonous policies because we will be around when they truly bear their poisonous fruit. Right-wing parties must win the youth as we will be around for the long-term, which is extremely important in politics. The elderly may be around for another 1-2 general elections, the young are around for another 15 and they have far more energy, which is a prerequisite for political revolution. Nationalists must appeal to the White youth to win the future, which is very achievable despite the academic and media brainwashing (which an increasing number despise anyway).

Social economic policies like high minimum wages, protectionism, limitations on individual housing ownership, nationalisation of certain strategic industries, higher taxes on the (((rich))) full employment guarantees and student debt forgiveness could give the right the economic edge it needs to attract White working-class voters and the youth, while not alienating its White middle-class support. Whether these policies would be the most economically beneficial is irrelevant, as there won’t be an economy or a nation in the long-term unless radical ethno-nationalists take power and we can only do that if our policies are generally popular. The working and middle-classes have seen their living standards stagnate for 40 years while markets have been liberalised, so let’s try something different economically. Wages used to rise in line with productivity before “free market” reforms were ushered in and these policies are very popular in any case even if they cannot solve the fundamental structural problems, such as dysgenic fertility, the collapse of the family and increasingly third world demographics. Social economics and ethno-nationalism should be accompanied by social pragmatism leaning towards conservatism, as we should not fight unnecessary battles when there is so much at stake on the fundamental issues.

By going in as hard as they did for mass non-White immigration in the hope of gaining a permanent non-White majority at the expense of their traditional base, the European left may have shot itself in the head. Let’s hope that our nations will survive as the anti-White left dies.


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