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How To Get That Raise

1. You have been an achiever, not merely a doer

Building on resume crafting 101 and ace cover letter writing, which you used to land this job, your proposal for a raise should highlight the ways that you have been an achiever for your organization — as opposed to merely a doer.
A doer is someone who focuses on tasks, while achievers focus on results.

2. You’ve got a “no job too big, no job too small” attitude

Beyond the results of your work, you’ll want to be able to highlight your affable, reliable nature.
Find ways to demonstrate that you have been the embodiment of an easy-to-work-with “no job too big, no job too small” colleague and employee.
Didn’t buckle under the weight of three co-workers works sliding down to you when they all took ill-planned vacation the same week? Terrific.
Point that out in a positive way, by showing how you enhanced and improved the workload you were given.

3. Your collegial corridor behavior is impeccable

Now, it’s not going to floor anyone if your top reasons for a raise are that you’re nice, prompt and prepared. Those are usually assumed in a workplace.
But the lack of those qualities and behaviors could keep you from a raise.
Getting the work done, reliably and on time, you may get outshone by a co-worker who is campaigning for attention.
But over time, your steady work will be recognized. So don’t get sucked into workplace politics.

4. You’ve demonstrated growth — and you’re still growing

Everyone progressively improves over time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop and take measure right now.
Find examples of ways you have already become an asset to the company — and will doubtlessly become more valuable as you learn and grow further.

5. You’re a creator and innovator

If you’ve created something new — a new product, a new protocol, a new system, even, perhaps a new job for yourself — you’re on track for a raise.


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