The Signs As People I Know

Aries: optimistic little angel, but get on their bad side and you’re dead
Taurus: talk SO much shit, but is rlly nice when they like you. all bark, no bite
Gemini: is either really rude or really nice. judgmental af, sometimes lowkey
Cancer: whiny as hell but the kindest person ever and they just need some reassurance
Leo: manipulative af but the most trustworthy person if you’re friends, also funny and kind of magical
Virgo: really sweet and kind but lowkey judgmental and passive aggressive
Libra: ANGEL. ANGEL. can be a little dramatic.
Scorpio: manipulative, cunning, and holds grudges
Sagittarius: SO COOL. tells everyone how to live, however they’re like an advice guru and very artistic
Capricorn: SO FUNNY. bad at giving advice and not the greatest sympathizer, but tried really hard, overall angel
Aquarius: I’m the greatest.
Pisces: cares so much about everyone but is v anxious and can be an insensitive asshole too


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