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Rule 5: You Don’t Need to be Attached

Needing and wanting are two different things. You do not need a relationship even if you want one but you definitely don’t need one. You can be independent and take yourself on a date. You can go to a hookah lounge with a bottle of wine and your laptop and you’ll enjoy your alone time until Someone comes around to that same lounge and then you’re dancing. Then you’re leaving and buying food at a food truck at midnight and eating it in some random bar downtown. Then you go to some other bar where you make out with beautiful strangers and sing Jessie’s Girl on a stage. And you sing badly. And that Someone takes you back to your place and tells you how pretty you are. He also leaves you the left over pizza which you eat for breakfast while running late for work because you’re independent enough to eat pizza for breakfast. If you can eat pizza for breakfast then you don’t have to be attached.

**This all happened on a Tuesday night and I want to thank that Someone.**


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