advice · White Girl Guides

A Little List of Advice

Work out. no one likes it. ever. at all. but if you set up netflix and do the elliptical you’ll feel put together.
That boy/girl/person does not matter as much as you think they do .
Make a fool of yourself more.
Learn to laugh at yourself.
Start carrying around an extra phone charger/pair of headphones. You’ll thank me.
Start carrying snacks.
If you don’t have a reusable water bottle, please purchase. Metal is better bc plastic hurts the environment.
If you don’t wear the clothes, sell them or give them away. You don’t need them.
Wallow in self pity every once and a while.
There is nothing more cleansing than a good cry.
After your good cry, drink a class of water and maybe take a nap.
Get invested in tv shows .
Try and make the time to read more books, but if you can’t then listen to audio books.
Never stop learning.
Get yourself some sexy undies. I don’t care if you wear them for a significant other or to feel sexy going to the grocery store. Get them.
Stop being friends with people who aren’t good to you. If they don’t bring anything to the friendship you shouldn’t either.
Take more deep breaths.
Get a really good calendar.
Eat more pizza.
Hold hands more.
Learn to cook. Seriously. Fucking do it.
Make people laugh. Make people smile. Spread positivity.
Understand that you don’t know everything and never will.
Buy your friends flowers.
Write more notes to people.
Take a deep breath. ask the cutie to grab coffee. hold their hand.
Stop taking life so seriously. it’s not gonna last forever.


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