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Piña Colada Sugar Scrub


1 cup White Sugar
1/2 cup Organic Coconut Oil
Pineapple Fragrance Oil
Yellow Food Coloring (optional)

How To:

Start by coloring your sugar, if desired. It only takes a TINY bit of food coloring! Remember, once you add the coconut oil, the color will appear darker and more saturated than the sugar does. For this batch, I added three drops of food coloring to one cup of sugar, and stirred until they were completely combined.

Stir the coconut oil and the pineapple fragrance into the sugar, and your scrub is ready to use – easy peasy! Feel free to add a bit more sugar or coconut oil if you prefer a drier or runnier consistency to your scrub.

Note: if your coconut oil is solid (at temperatures below 76 degrees), you can warm it in the microwave until it becomes a liquid for easier mixing!



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