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My Dad is Homophobic and Racists Apparently

So I grew up with my parents teaching me to treat every one equal, to be nice to everyone. They taught me to love every kind of music, and I do (except for EDM, you weird fucks). So I never expected my dad to say the things he does. I moved out a long time ago. One day I was visiting them for the weekend and I wake up early to go on my run and I would come back watch the news with my dad.

One day the news was talking about how gay marriage is now legal and how the White House was lit up in rainbow lights, my dad who doesn’t say much and always looks angry, looks at me and says, “They should just be happy they can vote.”

A few weeks later, I come back to visit and the news is on. They’re talking about how the little girl got wrestled down by a cop at a pool party and of course thats when Black Lives Matter started. My dad looks at me and says, “They already have equal rights, they’re not slaves anymore so why are they protesting on the main street Street to the bar I go to.”

These comments have continued since I moved out. I guess I’m an adult now and it’s okay for him to say his actual opinions now.


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